What You Need to Know About Me

What You Need to Know About Me

Book Description: 

What You to Need to Know About Me is a powerful new anthology that centers on the immigration narratives of young people between the ages of 11 and 24. In a fraught political moment in which the conversation on immigration is often overpowered by adult voices, this anthology asks of its younger contributors: What do we need to know about you? This collection’s rich and brilliant essays, poems, and comics explore the possibilities and impossibilities of seeking and finding “home” in a new place. What You Need to Know About Me’s writers and artists share their dreams, hopes, fears, and realities with unrelenting candor, tenderness, and strength. As each of the anthology’s entries challenges perceptions of migration and identity, they also compel readers to view these stories through a lens imbued with open-mindedness, compassion, dignity, and wonder.

Featuring eighty-four contributors from around the world, including Cuba, China, Ghana, Venezuela, Iraq, Mauritius, Uruguay, Mexico, Guatemala, Somalia, Philippines, Honduras, Ghana, Syria, Japan, Vietnam, Kenya, France, Hungary, and Iran.

Presented by the International Alliance for Youth Writing Centers.

Edited by Yalie Saweda Kamara

Foreword by Tarfia Faizullah