Gift Certificate FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Gift Certificates and Online Only Gift Codes (there's a difference!)

  • A gift certificate is a physical gift card that you can buy at City of Asylum Bookstore or on our website. If you buy it on our website, we will mail it to the address provided.  It is redeemable both in our store and on our website.
  • An Online Online Gift Code is only available for purchase on our website and only redeemable on our website. 

How do I redeem a gift certificate on your website?

  • It's easy!  At checkout, there will be a pane for entering the four digit code found on the gift certificate.  You will also need to enter your credit card information as well.

Why do I need to supply my credit card information if I'm paying with a gift certificate?

  • We manually apply the gift certificate to your order.  Yes, that means that for a time it will appear as if your credit card is being charged the full amount.  Never fear! Once we apply the gift certificate, the transaction on your card will be voided or your card will only be charged the balance. 

Can you email gift certificates to the recipient? 

  • No, physical gift certificates cannot be emailed.  Only the Online Online Gift Codes can be emailed.  Exceptions cannot be made either case.