Legends of Araroth: A Collection of Short Stories (Volume 2) (Paperback)

Legends of Araroth: A Collection of Short Stories (Volume 2) By Augustus Ring Cover Image

Legends of Araroth: A Collection of Short Stories (Volume 2) (Paperback)


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Perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Eragon


For those seeking tales of fairies and legends of giants, look not further than to the Legends of Araroth

Augustus returns with his second anthology in the fantastical realm of Araroth. Each story is intertwined with tender care and supple passion, extending the Legends of Araroth to the unknown regions of the land. Tales of greedy giants, odd creatures, and meek love riddle this collection with legends untold. Having read the first volume, you will have been left with a fascinated awe. Having read this second volume, the circumference of your wonderment should only have increased.

The question is, is your imagination ready?

Magical Creatures

- Legends of Araroth borrows only a few known fantasy races, while providing a new array of original magical creatures. Some you may wish to meet. Others you won't.

Medieval Peerage System

- Kings, Queens, Nobility, you name it. You can look forward to a medieval-esque caste system in this book with politics and all the like.

Original Hard and Soft Magic Systems

- If you love reading about magic and discovering its rules, then this book is for you. There is also room for lighthearted wondering as well.

Action and Adventure

- A majority of the tales in the collection has some element of action, adventure, or both. You can expect several stories that keep you on your toes when all hope seems lost.

Poetry and Riddles

- Lovers of poetry and riddles may find this book fascinating. Each story has some element of poetry, while other pieces are devoted entirely to poetry and prose.

Christian Allegorical Storytelling

- If you love language and metaphors, you will be excited to know that all use of metaphors and prose can be lead straight back to God. Keep a keen eye, you might be interested in what you find.

World Building

- The land of Araroth is set apart from any existing fantasy universe, and builds on itself with each story. While some stories provide a history of the world, others share of its collapse, while yet others show hope of progress and expansion.

Variety of Storytelling

- Lovers of variety in short stories will find themselves at home. From romance and thievery, to swordplay and mind-battles, Legends of Araroth has plenty to explore.

The Vision Behind the Book

Having a difficult time finding wholesome fairy tales? Augustus does too. That's why he wrote this book.

Legends of Araroth is a collection of short stories, fairy tales really, that try to reclaim the light for wholesome storytelling. Stories that have unique and original imagination that should be refreshing to the reader. As a reader, Augustus always found the stories that had some sort of moral or allegorical significance to be the most intersting, and the most memorable. As a writer, he hopes to be a part of the solution in creating authentically inspiring and morally exceptional stories that bring about a feeling of awe and spark vision.

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Product Details ISBN: 9798571963381
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 26th, 2020
Pages: 184
Language: English