Logra Un Ascenso (Get Promoted Business Experts Spanish Edition) (Paperback)

Logra Un Ascenso (Get Promoted Business Experts Spanish Edition) By Niamh O`keeffe, Genís Monrabà (Translator) Cover Image

Logra Un Ascenso (Get Promoted Business Experts Spanish Edition) (Paperback)


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Est's estancado en tu carrera profesional? tus antiguos compa eros progresan m's que t ? Haces todo el trabajo duro pero no obtienes ninguna recompensa? Te preguntas qu es lo que los dem's parecen saber y t no? Pedir un ascenso es una de las acciones que m's ansiedad provocan en la vida. Exponerse a los superiores puede intimidar, y la competencia puede ser feroz, sobre todo en la actual coyuntura econ mica. Y qu pasa si dicen que no? Pero tambi n es una de las cosas m's importantes que puedes hacer por tu carrera. Si quieres progresar en tu empresa o sector, los ascensos forman parte del juego y no te los van a dar as como as tienes que esforzarte -y pedirlos-. Listo para dar el siguiente paso? El libro "Logra un Ascenso" de la serie Business Experts: te dar todo lo que necesitas saber antes de la gran conversaci n. /// Are you stuck in a career rut? Are your former peers progressing ahead of you? Are you doing all the hard work but getting none of the rewards? Are you wondering what everyone else seems to know that you don't? Asking for a promotion ranks high on the list of life's most anxiety-inducing activities. Putting yourself out there to higher-ups can be intimidating, and competition can be fierce, especially in the current economic climate. And, of course, what if they say no? But it's also one of the most important things you can do for your career. If you want to move forward in your company or field, promotions are part of the game and they won't just be handed to you - you have to work - and ask - for them. Ready to take that next step? Business Experts Series: Logra un Ascenso will give you everything you need to know before the big conversation.

Product Details ISBN: 9788417963682
ISBN-10: 8417963685
Publisher: Reverte Management International
Publication Date: April 18th, 2023
Pages: 147
Language: Spanish