The Long Forest Trail (Hardcover)

The Long Forest Trail By Clay Vilhauer, Amber Vilhauer Cover Image

The Long Forest Trail (Hardcover)


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Inviting Parents and Kids to Experience the Power of Connection with Nature and Each Other For Stronger Health and Happiness

"As a therapist working with children, I wholeheartedly endorse Clay's captivating and beautifully illustrated book that takes young readers on a transformative journey through nature. I would utilize this book as a powerful tool in my practice and recommend it for school libraries." - Dr. Donia Fahim, Educational-Behavioural Consultant & Highly Specialized Speech & Language Therapist

The Long Forest Trail is a captivating early reader's children's book, imagined by 7-year-old author, Clay Vilhauer.

´╗┐Join Clay and his mom on an enchanting journey through nature as they explore a vibrant trail of discovery. Hand in hand, they embark on a colorful adventure, where Clay learns about happiness and resilience while facing challenges from the elements. Through heartfelt conversations, Clay realizes the power of love, trust, kindness, and staying strong through life's obstacles.

The Long Forest Trail is a heartwarming tale celebrating family bonds, resilience, gratitude for nature's wonders-and above all-the power of human connection.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781962074070
ISBN-10: 1962074072
Publisher: Strongprint Publishing
Publication Date: November 7th, 2023
Pages: 34
Language: English