in a button (Hardcover)

in a button By Melissa A. Butler, Nicholas Hohman (Illustrator) Cover Image

in a button (Hardcover)


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This is a book about a button. It is also a book about noticing, wondering, and imagining. Mostly it's a book about YOU... the button you will find... and what might happen next.

IN A BUTTON opens a wondrous space of curiosity and joy as readers are invited on a quiet, beautifully illustrated journey to... notice, wonder, imagine, create, delight, and be with a single button.

The book has a light narrative structure that opens with a child who makes a discovery, builds to involve readers in making their own imaginative discoveries, and returns to the quiet, creative self-sufficiency of the child.

Inside this story is a uniquely nuanced concept book. The illustrations shift in perspective, balance, and scale as they move between exacting realism and impressionistic brush work to mirror the fluidity of how a wandering mind notices size, shape, color, texture, and orientation alongside and overlapping with introspection, invention, memory, and dream.

The artwork holds weight and energy that feels like a button itself, and slowly, with each page turn, you begin to hold your own expansiveness like a button in your hand.

Author and illustrator team, Melissa A. Butler and Nicholas Hohman, have created a book not only about a button, but also about the awe and wisdom of wonder itself.

A book...

- to read again and again

- of play, invention, and discovery

- for families, educators, librarians, artists, meditators, and makers

- to help you remember that a button is enough as it is, and you are enough as you are.

"A picture book to savor." - "Beautifully paced, with engaging illustrations." - A book for "all of us - young and maybe not-so young." - "A starting point for fostering curiosity and imagination." - "A beautiful reminder that there is always something more to notice."

Product Details ISBN: 9781737257820
ISBN-10: 1737257823
Publisher: Notice-To-Wonder Books
Publication Date: November 30th, 2021
Pages: 42
Language: English